In the context of the Streetlight-EPC project, EPC (Energy Performance Contracting) facilitation services were made available in all 9 partner regions. The facilitation services can be contacted at the addresses below - we look forward to your questions!

This service support municipalities and (potential) ESCOs in preparing and implementing streetlight refurbishment projects with EPC. Quick checks, guides and FAQs on streetlight EPC are available in the respective languages and information events are held.

Throughout the Streetlight-EPC project, the facilitation services delivered information and specific support in the 9 partner regions with significant results:

  • 63 regional events with over 2,000 participants held
  • 183 quick-checks collected
  • more than 500 enquiries (advices) answered and documented
  • more than 255 "FAQs" (with answers) made available on the partner websites
  • 51 bilateral meetings held with banks and financing organisations and reports on regional/national funding sources prepared.
  • assistance provided  to 99 promising projects (69 street lighting, 30 indoor lighting/other building-related energy efficiency measures).
  • 63 projects realised (47 with EPC), triggering a total investment of 29 million Euro (in date of April 217) and  annual savings of more than 28,000 MWh as well as over 3.5 million Euros in electricity and maintenance costs.

Frequent issues coming up in the advice service include questions relating to the legal framework for EPC, procurement issues including the relevance for public debt, technical documentation needed, content of tender documents, specific steps in preparing an EPC project, possibilities for combining EPC with other funding programmes, already implemented EPC projects in the region as well as technical requirements and quality criteria. 


Frequently asked questions


The facilitation services can be contacted at:



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